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Dental Implants

Examples of Dental implants to replace missing of failing teeth. The photographs are actual cases treated by Dr. Silvers and restored by the referring Dentist or Prosthodontist. It is important to note that successful outcomes result from careful planning by the dental "team". We work together to achieve for you the best outcome possible.

  • Radiograph of failing front tooth to be replaced by an implant restoration.

  • Circle shows problem at the end of the root.

  • Final restoration on the implant.

  • Radiograph overlay on the implant crown showing implant position to support the crown

  • Initial photo of temporary teeth which will be replaced with permanent implant restorations.

  • Circled areas show the temporary teeth appearing to be on the "outside" of the gums.

  • Photo of the show tissue "collar" that will give the final restoration a natural appearance. The soft tissue is carefully developed while the implant is healing.

  • Final restorations in place

  • Radiograph overlay showing the underlying implants supporting the new crowns

  • A failing anterior tooth which will be replaced by an implant at the time the tooth is removed

  • Final implant restoration.

  • Radiograph overlay of implant supporting the restoration. The implant was placed immediately at the time the tooth was removed. After 3 months the final crown is placed

  • A molar implant with test peg attached. After 3 months, the implant is tested with a resonance frequency analyzer to determine the stability of the implant.

  • This ensures that the implant is stabile before being restored with a crown.

  • Final crown attached to the implant.