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Hello Doctor Silvers,
Though it has been a while, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you did on my implants.
Starting into the process, including removal of two existing bad teeth, I have to say that I was quite concerned about the end outcome.  And as you may recall there was concern about the pain involved.  There was definitely an expectation of some “pain and suffering”!!
You made the entire process understandable, easy, and painless, including the two extractions.  I experienced absolutely no discomfort at any stage of the implant procedure as you put them in place. 
The implants have been highly successful after the crowns were put in place by Dr. G.  It has been really great to be able to chew my food in the whole mouth, not just on one side.
Thank you and your staff for the very professional and competent treatment that you provided.

Most people fear and dread their appointments at their dentist’s office. This is not the case when you are a patient at the office of Dr. Mark Silvers.
The front office staff greets you with friendly smile and conversation, not a glass window slamming in your face.
Dr. Silvers is very kind thorough and professional in his exam and dental work. He explains each step so you know what is to be expected. All assistants are thoroughly trained. I felt that I am always treated with kindness and as a respected individual!

Mary Jill….

Dear Dr. Silvers,
Last time I saw you, I was eagerly awaiting the day that my permanent crown would be placed. That day has come and gone, and I’ve been meaning to write to you ever since to thank you for the wonderful work you did with the gum tissue in the front of my mouth. Just hoping to get everything back normal before my gums started reseeding and actually ending up with a better than expected result.
It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff. I found everyone to be patient, considerate and kind. You do very important work that changes the quality of people’s lives. Thank you!


Dear Dr. Silvers,
On December 14, I had my second experience with you. This time you extracted two teeth, the first time several years ago involved oral surgery. Not something one looks forward to having done. However, both turned out to be anything but unpleasant. Your personalities put one at ease immediately. There was no discomfort or pain during the procedures and after the medication wore off.
You have certainly perfected your profession and I am most grateful, not only for your expertise but for your caring. Thank you for excelling!


I am extremely pleased with Dr. Silvers’ work. I was a patient looking for solutions to two completely different situations when I found Dr. Silvers.
The first case he did a quite satisfying job. In the second, not only did he fix a disastrous problem, but he also improved a situation which no other dentist even suggested that an improvement could be made. Based upon my experiences, I would highly recommend Dr. Silvers and his expertise for any dental needs.